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Our years of experience in sales insures you'll be trained by the best.


Tell us about yourself

Answer some questions about where you are in your current career path, how much experience you have in sales, and general inquiries.


Training and etiquette

After we get your application we'll schedule a call with you and go over responsibilities and earning potential. Once accepted, we begin training


Weekly team meetings

We give weekly training calls and meetings to attend so we can assure your greatness. Staying sharp is the number one rule for On the Mark employees.

"Conor is great at what he does and is dedicated to his clients! Won’t find a better guy for insurance or financial services!
Drew W · April 20, 2022
“Very professional. They were able to help me secure my family’s future finances in no time with zero hassle or confusion. 5 star recommendation!!”
Isaiah G · November 13th, 2022
“A great team. very professional and will work to get you the best policy for your family”
Yolanda B · January, 2023
“OTM helped me with a policy recently and it has given me great peace of mind. Very knowledgeable and professional - highly recommend!!!”
Nancy M· July 30th, 2022
“As an entry agent, I spent the better part of two years working under Mr. Markins. Every single day, I was witness to how Conor was able to lead our team by example in both. The success he & his agents have is a direct result of the effort he gives towards helping every person to the best of his ability. I will forever be grateful for my time to learn and grow under his leadership.”
Tres W · January, 2023
Reviews are by our staff or current clients.

See what your first 3 years with us can be.

First six months

Your going to be training. Learning our values, principles, and how we operate. During this time, there will be a big learning curve, but that's why you have your new OTM family.


After your first year

An agressive sales approach can lead big income increases. Your revenue will vary from person to person based off of drive, how many hours you work, and more factors. But here is an idea on average of what your income can be.


Three plus years

After working with us, putting in the time and effort, you can finally start to relax and see the fruits of your labor. Here is the average income/time ratio after your third year with OTM.

First 6 months Aggressive
After your first year Aggressive
Three plus years Aggressive
Income 30%
Training 40%
Bonuses 10%
Making Calls 10%
Vacations 10%
Income 60%
Training 0%
Bonuses 20%
Making Calls 10%
Vacations 10%
Income 70%
Training 0%
Bonuses 50%
Making Calls 3%
Vacations 30%
Your income Training Bonuses Making Calls Vacations Your income Bonuses Vacations Making Calls Training Income Bonuses Making Calls Vacations Making Calls
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Old school “hustle guys” are over

You used to have two choices: The figure it out on your own guys or the ultra micro-management guys. Not anymore.

Micro-Managed Career

Solo Career

And that’s not all

Whether you’re here to hustle, get sales experience, or find a lucrative long term career, On The Mark Financial will see your goals achieved.

Best training in the industry
No other agency leader compares to OTM in efficient and thorough teaching.
Elite company culture
Encourage hard, perform hard, play hard.
Better Business Bureau A+ Rated
Our clients trust our products and the BBB trusts our process.
Uncapped residual income
Close deals now, get checks forever.
Work on your time, not our schedule
Your work ethic and hustle deterime which level you reach, the harder you work the more you earn.
Absolutey zero cold calls
When you join an elite agency, you get elite leads. Your clients want to talk to you, taking the grind out of closing deals. Enjoy the ride to the top instead of drudging there.

Meet the leaders you'll go to the top with

There’s a lot of hustle information noise out there. You shouldn’t have to spend hours deciding how you will move forward. Our team of insurance experts will give you the right information at the right time so you have the best chance of success.

Conor Markins


Tristan Smith

Master general Agent

Brandon Hamilton

General Agent

KJ Vaughns

Supervising Agent

Kyle Vanbibber

Senior Partner

Christian Cox

Master General Agent

Need more details?

What is On The Mark?
We are an insurance agency that takes pride in serving our clients with financial products to protect the assets their families value most.
What is the earning potential?
At On the Mark Financial, we have agents earning between 60k to 300k.
Upward earning potential?
Your upward earning potential is very high. As stated in the above column.

Disclosure: Not all agents will range this. These numbers are based off of the most dedicated representatives we have.